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Tip of the Week–On Defence


When your partner has BID a suit and you are defending, you should lead partner’s suit unless you clearly have a much better alternative.  Also if your partner has LED a suit, you should RETURN PARTNER’S SUIT WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE, unless you have something clearly better to do and don’t mind looking for a new partner.


1.  If partner has bid a suit lead it;


– top card of a DOUBLETON. (E.g., 7 2 lead 7). (Q 5 lead Q)

– top of touching honours (E.g., Q, J, 3) lead the Q, followed by J, then the 3)

– no sequence in P’s suit lead low (E.g., K 2 3 – lead the 3)

2.  If Partner did not bid,

– lead top of touching honours from  a 3 card suit or longer in your hand

– no sequence, lead 4th from longest and strongest (with a choice of suits lead the stronger or the unbid suit)

Tips to follow:

DEFINING the sequence, broken sequence and interior sequence!

Stay tuned….


1 thought on “Tip of the Week–On Defence”

  1. Hi Marg,
    Thanks very much for your Bridge hints which I can always use as long as I can remember them when I play. What a “ sweetie ” you are!
    Looking forward to setting a date with you and Brad in the sunny South; will check in when we settle into our newest Hacienda.
    Loved your photo and hope your baby blues are much better.
    🤗🤗 Hugs, 🤗🤗


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