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Finesse Drop Test—It Is Soooo Easy

Let’s look at Finessing!

What is a finesse?

You lead a low card from your hand and have the Ace and Queen in Dummy
Your left hand opponent plays low
DO you play the Queen?
YES,  because you hope and pray left hand opponent HAS the KING!


Finesses lose 50% of the time
Works best when you know which opponent has the majority of HCP’s you are missing!
How would you ever know that?  —- check my next blog!  I’ll teach you the Guideline of 40!

– use to decide whether to finesse or “go for the drop”

1.  Identify the critical missing honor
2.  Calculate the number of cards the Opp’s hold in that suit
3.  Imagine the cards divide as evenly as possible
– with an odd number of missing cards, picture the critical honor in the hand of the Opp with the longer holding ( we are assuming you have the ace and king and are missing the Queen)
4.  With that in mind, ask yourself will it fall if you play from the top (ace, then king) If so, go for the drop, if not, finesse!!!

Example (ex – you have 8 trump , missing the queen )
Opp’s have 5 -should split as evenly as possible – one opponent has 3 cards in that suit and the other partner has two cards. If you play your ace and King the Opp with 3 cards will still have the queen -SOOOOOO finesse

Example – you have 9 cards in the suit missing the queen – Opp’s have 4 cards – split will be as even as possible so they each will have 2 cards – play your ace and King and the queen should fall ( in a perfect world😘 )

I always knew you had great finesse.

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