Bridge made simple

Bidding at its Simplest


Opener – bids 2 clubs – shows 22 or more points and is 100 PER CENT FORCING TO GAME with two exceptions (see end of recap)

Responder bids 2 diamonds “automatically” – this is the waiting bid ‘ says nothing about points or suits and is FORCING –

Responder is the CAPTAIN in this auction and is responsible to investigate slam with more than 8 points (IF A FIT FOR OPENER’S SUIT PLEASE ADD DUMMY POINTS TO YOUR HIGH CARD POINTS) once the first consideration is found which is——WHERE TO PLAY — second part is— HOW HIGH – GAME OR SLAM?

AFTER RESPONDER bids 2 diamonds, opener either bids a 5 card or longer suit if she has one; if not with a balanced hand rebids no trump as follows:

22-24 pts – bids 2 no trump
25-27 pts – bids 3 nt
28-30 pts – bids 4 nt

Once opener rebids no trump, all systems are on – Stayman convention, transfers, gerber
If opener bids a suit and you (the responder) have three card support add DUMMY POINTS, the only question is game or slam!

No support for opener’s suit, you may bid your 5 card or longer suit or bid no trump with a balanced hand.

With 25 pts between both hands —-you should be in game in a major or no trump

With a minor suit, bid game in no trump or five of minor (need 29 pts for both hands to be in game in minor —-( if you rule out no trump)

If 33 plus points ——-get to slam in major, or minor or no trump.

Remember do not show four card suits, unless your partner has used Stayman asking for a four card suit.

Do not pass until at least game is reached ( you only need 3 points to be in game – add dummy points).————-


1- partner has rebid two nt and you have 0-2 points

2- you have bid your five card suit and partner has raised and you have 0-2 pts

3. Opener has shown a 5 card major , then Rebid the suit to show six of the major and you have 0-1 point – don’t forget you can add “DUMMY POINTS” –( 5 pts for a void, 3 for a singleton and 1 for a doubleton and 2 card support—if still 0-2 points pass)

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