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Sharpen your Defence – 8 Lessons

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There will be SEVEN more posts on Defense over the next few months.
Opening leads are the most important part of defense and one of the most challenging.
On most hands, however, a useful lead can be found by:
– listening carefully to the bidding
– finding clues in the auction
It is my plan to give you basic info to keep the guesswork to a minimum and to find strategies to find the best possible and often the killer lead.  Keep in mind once Dummy appears, you will have more info available and your initial strategy may need revision.
It is very gratifying to defeat the contract by getting off to the best defense.  As these defense strategies are posted, make time with your bridge partner or group, to discuss and implement them.
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When your partner has BID a suit and you are defending, you should lead partner’s suit unless you clearly have a much better alternative.  Also if your partner has LED a suit, you should RETURN PARTNER’S SUIT WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE, unless you have something clearly better to do and don’t mind looking for a new partner🤣


1.  If partner has bid a suit lead it;  


– top card of a DOUBLETON (eg. 9 7 – lead the 9)—(Q 5 lead Q)
– top of touching honours (E.g., Q, J, 10 4) lead the Q, followed by J, then the 10 etc.)
– no sequence in P’s suit lead low – 4th from longest & strongest

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2.  If Partner did not bid vs no trump contract :

lead “top of touching honours” from a 4 card suit or longer suit in your hand.

There are three types of sequences as follows:

A- Regular sequence:

Q J 10 x — always & forever (I promise) lead the “TOP CARD – the Queen!!!  Now partner knows you have 3 high cards that touch —the Queen followed by the Jack and ten and maybe a couple of small cards!!!

Guideline:  With a “REGULAR SEQUENCE” always lead the TOP OF TOUCHING!

B- Broken Sequence

Q J 9 x x – two “touching high cards that touch with a break” —-notice if you lead the “9” – declarer can win the first trick with the 10!!!!!!!

Guideline:  With a “BROKEN SEQUENCE” treat as if it were a “regular sequence” and lead the HIGHEST CARD—the queen from Q J 9 —the TOP OF TOUCHING!

C-Interior Sequence 

K J 10 x x – a sequence of two or more cards that touch  the “J 10” with a “higher-ranking” card in the suit!

If you led the King, Declarer could win the Ace and still hold the Queen!

Guideline:  With an ‘INTERIOR SEQUENCE”  (K J 10 X X) lead the TOP of the touching honours”—lead the J!

3.  With no sequence:

lead 4th from longest and strongest (with a choice of suits lead the stronger or the unbid suit)

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